You may have spotted a furry friend crashing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s most recent zoom calls. We did some research and found that the little guy belongs to the Duchess of Sussex and has a pretty unbelievable rags-to-riches story of his own.

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Some O.G. Meghan Markle fans may remember Guy from Markle’s now deactivated Instagram account. Check out the slideshow below thanks to NowtoLove. Guy, who is originally from Kentucky, was discovered wandering the woods before he ended up at a high-kill shelter. Because Guy was 3 years old and no longer a puppy, the chances of an adoption were slim. Just days away from being euthanized, Dog’s Dream Rescue stepped in and gave Guy a second chance at life.

Dog’s Dream Rescue, based in Ontario, Canada, is a wonderful organization of volunteers that works to find forever homes for dogs located at high-kill shelters. Upon listening to Guy’s story, Dog’s Dream Rescue agreed to save him no matter what it took. The group managed to then find and organize a group of volunteers who took turns driving Guy from Kentucky up to Canada. Believe it or not, each volunteer took one to two hour shifts driving and passing Guy from car to car until he arrived safely at Dog’s Dream Rescue.

It was then that Dog’s Dream Rescue received a call that would change Guy’s life yet again. The call happened to be from actress, Meghan Markle looking for a Beagle to accompany her other Beagle, Bogart. Meghan Markle had been living in Canada at the time while shooting, Suits. Meghan met Guy at an adoption event and the rest is history!

Source: Meghan Markle Instagram

The very next year, Meghan Markle met Prince Harry and soon relocated (with Guy) to England. And just like that, Guy went from death-row to Buckingham Palace in just a two years. Today, Guy is a major star; he has inspired not one, but two books available online. He has even had the rumor mills churning- you know you have made it when tabloids makes up rumors about you. For example, it was falsely reported that Guy and Queen Elizabeth rode to the Royal Wedding together. The two did share a ride in Her Royal Highness’ vehicle but its’ yet to be revealed where they were coming from or going to. See the photo HERE.

Meghan Markle has long been a supporter of adopting instead of buying. Markle previously adopted Bogart, thanks to the help of Ellen Degeneres. There are millions of dogs across the United States in need of a forever home. If you have been considering adoption, be sure to check out the many pets in need of a family near you by clicking HERE.