In a socially-distanced world, it sometimes feels as though our lives are existing entirely on zoom. With so much time spent on our video-cams, it is no surprise we are all seeking pointers on how to look our best on our next zoom call.

Over the summer, we could not help but notice that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has truly mastered the zoom call. Meghan and Prince Harry have been active on zoom all summer and whether or not you are a fan, you have to give them credit for her incredible professionalism and elegance. So, other than the super basics, here are 5 things we can all learn from Meghan Markle, the ultimate zoom professional. 

5. Get the right angle. 

Exploring with different heights and angles is key to a great zoom set up. An unflattering angle can be distracting and take away from your talking points. Be sure to avoid pointing the camera down or up. Check the slideshow above to see the angle used by Meghan Markle in her last zoom meetings.

4. A good background is key. 

A busy background can take away from your message and make you seem less professional. Remember, zoom has backgrounds available if you do not have one for yourself. To find out how to use them visit them here.

3. Lighting really is everything. 

Lighting can make or break your zoom set up. In one of our favorite Meghan Markle zoom moments, we can see how the Duchess cleverly introduces consistent natural lighting to illuminate the video. If consistent, natural light from windows can be a great way to help shed some light on your next zoom meeting- no pun intended. Getting the perfect lighting can be pretty tough if you are not a lighting expert so be sure to log on early, and explore with various degrees of natural light before your next call. Remember, avoid backlight and sidelight.

2. What you wear matters.

Although your entire outfit may not be visible on screen, what you wear does matter. Not only can your outfit define your mood but it can also give you that extra level of confidence you need to close that deal. Before your next call, shop our favorite Meghan Markle dupes for less by visiting here.

1. Confidence. 

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. In Meghan Markle’s most recent zoom meeting, the Duchess explains the importance of incorporating her favorite accessory, confidence. In fact, Markle refers to her confidence as “favorite accessory” so don’t forget to accessorize on your next call.

What is your favorite Zoom advice? Share with us in the comments below!